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Hi all.

Theres a few posts about Traccar and the RUT955 online but most tend to go from 
"tried this?" to "its working now" and a few narrative steps get lost 

So for those of you with a recent Ubuntu server and a RUT955 here's a very quick walk through
it assumes a basic knowledge of linux, firewalling and your RUT955

Download the Free Traccar server from here:

on your ubuntu machine, unzip it

from the folder you unzipped it into start traccar with :

sudo ./

let it complete the installation

open up your browser and navigate to http://<server IP>: 8082

login as admin/admin

In the devices section click the white +

in the pop up box enter the details as shown 

The name can be anything 

The IMEI MUST match that of your RUT955 

You can find the IMEI in the RUT955 Web GUI - STATUS -> DEVICE INFORMATION

In Traccar, click on the blue tick to save the data and close the window

Log into the web gui of your RUT955

Navigate to SERVICES -> GPS and select the AVL tab 

In the AVL tab set the following 

select SAVE (bottom right) 

Return to Traccar and very soon you should see a green icon on the map display.

there are lots of things to tweak - e.g. not running the service as root - but this was never intended to 
be an exhaustive guide.

Hope that gets someone else out there going 

Happy tracking ! 



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Thank you very much for the Guide, we are pretty sure it will help many people out there using Traccar and our RUT devices.

Kind Regards
Best answer
No problem JP.

Its good to "give back" the experience gained whilst experimenting :-)

When I get OpenVPN running reliably / with more than 72 hours stability I will write another
guide about OpenVPN , The IPFire firewall and the RUT955.

As it happens, I am now convinced there is a bug in the RUT 955 as I have noticed that after
a VPN server outage or sometimes a client disable, [SAVE] , enable [SAVE]
2 instances of openVPN are left running (I can see them both when monitoring in top)

The legacy one then consumes memory until the RUT955 reboots (I am yet to work out
whether that's because my watchdog reboots it ) itself and just one instance is left running
in the meantime there is no internet connection reachable until after the reboot

Lots of adjusting MTU / MSS values here presently and reading the IPfire OpenVPN
event logs trying to understand why IPfire moans so much about the configuration that IT created! :-)


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Thanks a lot for this info. I was expecting these infos in the Wiki. It was hard to find here.

I also have traccar on a synology NAS and tried it this way. And after NEMEA-sending never worked I tried AVL and it worked.

But there are still to much info's send via this way, resulting in too much traffic 'costs' (GPRS).

So, hopefully, there is a way to limit the data.

There is a NMEA forwarding intervall in the NMEA settings and in the AVL settings a AVL MAIN RULE with some entries, which I do not understand in order to minimize data. 

How to get only one position data send and not up to 20 in one AVL message?

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Thanks for sharing configuration, works fine on my RUT955 with FW RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3

BUT: Sending data to AVL Server stops on (at least) following events:

1.) WAN Switchover (Main WAN <-> WAN Failover)

2.) Mobile Data disconnect / connect (24h cyclic reconnect)


1.1.) Main WAN -> Failover configuration -> execute Command: /etc/init.d/gpsd restart

1.2.) WAN Failover -> Failover configuration -> execute Command: /etc/init.d/gpsd restart 

2.1.) Network -> Events reporting -> Send SMS -> Event type: Mobile Data -> Connected -> Send SMS -> gps_on -> Receipents Phone Number -> own number of RUT

2.2.) Services -> SMS Utilities -> enable gps_on


Restart of GPS Service on mentioned events, restart AVL data sending. 

Better: Possible to start a script (/etc/init.d/gpsd restart) instead sending SMS (or email) on configurable event? (no external sevice like SMS)

Best: make AVL sending robust against connection losses.

Appreciate additional ideas.

Thanks Mirko