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I have a router RUT950 which is faulty and needs to be replaced with a new one. I did make a backup of the configuration of the faulty RUT950 router and now would like to restore it on the new RUT950. The process fails because the backup point was made with a different hardware, i.e. the older router.

I haven't found in the forum any suggestion on how to go around this. Anybody that could help me?

The configuration of the original router was done long time ago and it would be very difficult to replicate it by hand now.

Thank you

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Do you have restore point file or backup archive? If it's restore point then nothing can be done because it can be loaded only to a RUT950 on which it was created. If you have a backup, then install same firmware version to the new RUT950 on which backup was made, download backup from the new device (WebUI System->Administration->Backup) and replace /etc/config/system file of the old backup with one from the new backup. Then it'll be possible to load old backup archive to the new router.
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Thank you for the reply. I have only restore point file. Please let me anyway ask for it again: is there really nothing that can be done in this case?

Thank you
Do you have any more RUT950's from the same batch as your old one? It's possible to upload restore point to devices from the same batch and hardware revision, if so, you could upload restore point to another device and then make a backup of that configuration and follow my previous instructions of how to upload a backup. Otherwise there is nothing you can do and you'll need to configure your new RUT950 manually.
The conclusion is that I had to re-configure from scratch the device...lesson learned!

Thank you for the support.

RUT950 FW ver.: RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5.  Its the java script "upload-validation.js" and the check file size function returns false so it will never upload.


Serial 1107576961

Batch 0106

I have three from the same batch all with this same issue.  Also the user default and Dynamic DNS wont update.