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warning - the fw used for factory default reset in RUT955 is faulty!

Founf that with my new router RUT955 T033B0, sn 1102315792. it has ample of space for rootfs, but anything stored in that space is not permanent (gets wiped out with reboot or power break. upgrade to a working fw only succeeds via bin file upload, not via server download. see the details below. 

df -h output of the new router:

rootfs                    3.5M 376.0K 3.1M 10% /

/dev/root                10.8M 10.8M 0 100% /rom

tmpfs                    61.5M 500.0K 61.0M   1% /tmp

tmpfs                    61.5M 356.0K 61.2M   1% /tmp/root

tmpfs                   512.0K 0 512.0K   0% /dev

/dev/mtdblock7          576.0K 236.0K 340.0K  41% /mnt/mtdblock7

/dev/mtdblock5            3.5M 376.0K 3.1M 10% /overlay

overlayfs:/overlay        3.5M 376.0K 3.1M 10% /

after factory reset

root@Teltonika:~# df -h

Filesystem                Size Used Available Use% Mounted on

rootfs                   61.5M 408.0K 61.1M   1% /

/dev/root                10.8M 10.8M 0 100% /rom

tmpfs                    61.5M 444.0K 61.1M   1% /tmp

tmpfs                    61.5M 408.0K 61.1M   1% /tmp/root

overlayfs:/tmp/root      61.5M 408.0K 61.1M   1% /

tmpfs                   512.0K 0 512.0K   0% /dev

/dev/mtdblock7          576.0K 244.0K 332.0K  42% /mnt/mtdblock7

/dev/mtdblock5            3.5M 3.4M 112.0K 97% /rom/overlay

upgrade fails from RUT9XX_R_00.06.02 due to factory reset to RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.5 offered by the server, succeeds from bin file. 

df -h output after the upgrade:

root@Teltonika-RUT955:~# df -h

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on

rootfs                    4.1M    592.0K      3.5M  14% /

/dev/root                10.0M     10.0M         0 100% /rom

tmpfs                    61.5M    448.0K     61.1M   1% /tmp

/dev/mtdblock5            4.1M    592.0K      3.5M  14% /overlay

overlayfs:/overlay        4.1M    592.0K      3.5M  14% /

tmpfs                   512.0K         0    512.0K   0% /dev

/dev/mtdblock7          576.0K    256.0K    320.0K  44% /mnt/mtdblock7

after reboot the LAN ip etc is npt lost any more. but there is not enough space to install python3. pitty.

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Could you clarify your current issue?
You're unable to upgrade router's firmware from the server?
Does router had internet access when upgrading firmware?

If there's not enough space in router's memory to install python3, did you tried using "memory expansion" feature by connecting
USB storage device to the router?