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I am using an RUT955. I would like to set the relay output using the digital input via HTTP GET/POST

I can sent the command

from a web browser after activating the POST/GET configuration in the output section and setting the username and password

I have enabled the input configuration, set Input Type = Digital , Trigger = Input shorted, Action = HTTP POST/GET, Type = POST

There are three other fields Header, Site Link and Post Data.

Could you tell me how to configure these fields to send the above command please

I have tried a number of things without getting it working

I have a switch contact on the digital input which is working according to the status page

Thank You


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Is it necessary for you to use HTTP POST/GET commands for you solution?

Same thing could be done by simply selecting:
Input Type = Digital , Trigger = Input shorted, Action = Output.

It will grant the possibility to change relay's output, base on the input status.
From your description, HTTP POST/GET will only create additional step.


     Thank you for your reply and advice.

I have looked at that as a solution however there is not a toggle function.

If I use a momentary switch, the output is on while the switch is on, if I use a toggle switch, the relay cannot be turned off remotely if the switch is on.

I went for the momentrary switch option to allow the relay to be remotely operated



Input Post/Get configuration should look similar to the one bellow: