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I am trying desperately to connect 9xx router to a CentOS 7 Openvpn server (tun).

I followed the wiki and configured everything i think correctly but i am missing the ta.key field on the webui.

The CentOS OpenVPN server is ok because i can connect with my pc under windows, using openvpn client and also can connect using a linux machine.

FW:    RUT9XX_T_F1396_00.06.02.389

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Latest firmware release:

Have you tried to select "Additional HMAC authentication" in OpenVPN configuration?

I will confirm that on my RUT240 with the latest firmware (1.11.1) there is no field to upload the ta.key even after checking the "Additional HMAC Authentication".

Somebody needs to check this and fix it in the next firmware release.

It will connect only of disabling the HMAC Authentication on the server, which is reducing the security and exposing to DDOS Attacks.

In this question was mentioned RUT9xx series router.

For RUT2xx  HMAC follow this question: