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I have slow speed with RUT240. It is set to 4G only. Tried automatic too.
I get speed of 7 mb/s down and 5 mb/s. It is supposed to reach 15-54 mb/s down. I have tried different FW. Using the latest now as it's best.
No real difference on another computer.
Using cable and WiFi.
Tried 3 different directions on window placement.

Best regards Robin

2 Answers

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Same here, never reached anything above 6Mbit/s. With an old cell phone on same operator and same place i can easily reach 50Mbit.
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by anonymous

Have you tried to use the same SIM card with the same APN in another device? If so, what results you get? What device model was used?
Same sim card and same apn on an old cell phone 50Mbit................

These routers are painfully slow......
by anonymous

old cell phone

What exactly model?

by anonymous
I used it in a 4 years old Galaxy S7 and in a 3 years old netgear LTE consumer router.

Both outperformed the RUT240 and RUT955 by a HUGE amount.

I guess the LTE side of the RUT240 and RUT955 just suck.
by anonymous
You comparing devices with different LTE technologies. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 has  Cat 9 LTE module while RUT240 and RUT950 use Cat 4 LTE module..

If you have RUTX09 or RUTX11, try to check with them, because they use  Cat 6 LTE modules.
by anonymous
Ok i guess we have to live with these kind of bad performances.