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Hi all

I should want to use the RUT955 device in a special application where I need to manage dynamically the interfaces ( Wi-Fi, LAN and Mobile).

WAN interface operating mode is "Main/Backup":

The Main interface is WIFI and the Backup one is Mobile.

The RUT955 unit  acts as Wireless station mode and as Wireless Access Point  

First Scenario: I need to switch-on the LAN ports and switch-off the Wireless Access Point Mode when the configured Wireless SSID network  is not available 

Second Scenario: I need to switch-off the LAN ports and switch-on the Wireless Access Point functionality when RUT 955 device is connected to its configured wireless SSID network.

And finally, in correspondence of the two scenarios, I want to activate or deactivate the device onboard Outputs. 

Can I have indications on how to write script in order to solve the problem?



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The scenarios described seem to be mutually exclusive.

First Scenario: you need to switch ON LAN, switch OFF WiFi AP if no client is connected via WiFi - OK. But do you need to switch ON WiFi AP, switch OFF LAN ports when the inverse happens? How would a client connect in the first place if the WiFi AP is OFF?

Second Scenario: you need to switch OFF LAN, switch ON WiFi AP if main WAN is down - OK. But what about if main WAN is down and no clients are connected?

Sorry if I misunderstood something, but maybe you've missed some details?


Not fully sure what youre trying to achieve, Ive interpreted it (in part) as "when I am at location A , where I see wireless essid X   Enable this setup

If I have understood that correctly. You  could achieve that using GPS geofencing and multiple router profiles


If within 50m of Nxx.xxx, Eyy.yyy

Send SMS to self <Profile AT HOME>


If within 50m of N xx.abc, E zz.def

send SMS to self <Profile AT OFFICE>

There will of course be a service interruption

Dont know if that provides you with an alternative but hope that helps