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== update 29/10 ==

Looks like it was a massive outage on EIT Telecom group (both sims were on different networks but the same operator - EIT).
Everything is back up now. So the problem is self solved with the network.

My last observations are :

  1. Why the timestamp given to logs dropped the local time config ? I had to reload step 1 from step wizard to set it up back to local time
  2. Also Why ethernet network between client/router dropped also during the time SIMs were going kind of erroneous on system
  3. Would it be possible to assign a configuration per IMEI so it registers when the network is backed up (i have to scan and reassign the network/operator manually)

If you need logs and system file dumps, i have an export from yesterday (erroneous sim, local time dropped) and i can send you an export from today (all ok, local time setted back).

== update 28/10 ==

Looks like it could be a massive french operator problem as reporter by https://downdetector.fr/

(each sim is on a different operator) so will check it tomorrow.

== original msg ==

Multi SIM was OK.

Suddenly it fails, local rj45/ethernet connection to router dropped also.
I tried to reboot the router still looping on led : green, orange, red. Then green, red

I also tried to switch primary SIM between SIM1 and SIM2

On webUI:

  • SIM1 as primary SIM : State Timeout.; N/A; N/A / SIM 1 (N/A)
  • SIM2 as primary SIM : State Unregistered / SIM card slot in use SIM 2 (not inserted)

I downloaded the log and looks like timestamp's local time configuration dropped between 23608 and 23609 it switches from 21:30:36 to 05:01:04

I also tried to insert only one sim per one sim, rebooted, retry, they are still giving each their same timeout/not inserted erros.

I can send you the log i managed to download them.

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  1. My guess is the time was lost due to network outage. The NTP settings themselves should not have been lost and you don't need Setup Wizard to set them back up (it can be done from the Services NTP → page).
  2. No way to answer this just based on the description. Do I understand the question correctly - you couldn't reach the WebUI while SIM cards were down? 
  3. You can configure alerts in the Status → Events Log → Events Reporting page. For example, you can configure a rule that informs you via email or SMS when the router switches to the opposite SIM card.

Hi, thanks for your answers,

  1. Ok
  2. When SIM cards went down, LAN ethernet between computer/router went bugged also : client was sending packet, but router was no more answering. WebUI was no more accessible. Need to reboot the modem to get it back.
  3. Ok
Can you send me the router's Troubleshoot file via private message? Maybe I can find what could have caused it. The Troubleshoot file can be downloaded from the System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.
Thanks for Troubleshoot files. Unfortunately I couldn't find anything wrong as the cause would only show up in the logs during the error and not after reboot. I also looked into the configs to see if anything could have caused the issue described, but that also looks OK.

My guess is the router freeze may have been caused by a random error, high CPU usage at the time or something similar, but there's no way to tell for sure at this moment.