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I wish to establish a ppp connection using RUT955 which connected to my CR1000 data logger through RS232 port. I am still new to this product but  i have no issue if using wavecom fastrack modem. Below are my configuration

1. Mobile..Sim1 - Connection Type PPP

2. Modem Dial String: ATDT*99***1#

I am clueless now , haha, really need an advice!

Thanks a lot in advance

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If you're placing the dial string in the Network → Mobile configuration, you don't need the 'ATDT' part.
Really thanks for your reply, the modem can connect to internet follow your configuration.

But the problem for me is can't get the modem to talk to my data logger. FYI, data logger will send modem dial up string over RS232 and establish a PPP session. If successful, it will obtain an ip address, then i can send some data back to my server. so now i am wondering whether this way is working for this modem, haha

FYI, i already enabled RS232 in the modem configuration.

Thanks again,
Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema. No puedo mandar datos desde mi CR800 a través de RUT955. Ya intente y nada.
I have the same problem too. I cannot send data from my CR800 through RUT955. I tried and nothing.