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We will be shipping a number of RUT950 devices with our latest project. We would like to completely automate the configuration of these routers to avoid human error. 

The configuration will change settings such as:

  • Connect to a WIFI hub
  • Set the LAN address
  • Set WAN the failover priority
  • Install a VPN configuration
  • Set the router name
  • Set a mobile configuration

Do you have any examples or documentation on the best way to do this? We are happy to write some code for the automation.

Many thanks. 

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If configurations are the same for all router (except) OpenVPN, then perhaps backup files could fit for your needs.

For OpenVPN you can use OpenVPN config files, because in router you can upload them, perhaps in this way would be easier to manage them.

Also, you can try use uci commands via SHH for configuration: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/UCI_command_usage
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