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by anonymous


I have an RUT955 which connects to RMS fine over wired WAN (plenty of licences also).

When failover to Mobile (cellular) is initialised RMS connection fails.

Failure (Error: RMS connection refused.)

The cellular service is using double NAT and I have a feeling they're blocking outbound traffic on uncommon ports.

Can double NAT cause this issue? And also please clarify which ports RUT955 require outbound to connect to RMS.

If you can point me to the wiki page that lists the requirements that would be great.

Thanks for your help.

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by anonymous


No, "double NAT" should not cause any issues. Device should be able to connect to RMS as long as it has internet connectivity to public internet (i.e. not located in "private APN network") and can reach AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Try to navigate to device's "System -> Administration -> Diagnostics" menu and initiate ping to "", when your router is using Mobile WAN. If pings would pass, then this might indeed be "port blocking" issue. If, however, pings would not reach "", then either whole connection to AWS is blocked, or your SIM card is located in private APN network. In both cases you could contact your SIM card provider with discovered information and ask why connection to "" is being restricted.

Communication with RMS happens via the following TCP ports: 80, 443, 15009, 15010


According to the Wiki, there are more ports in use.

I spent alot of time trying to get it to work because this post is high on the google search index 

In order for WebUI and CLI access functionalities to work, the Router must be able to have access to services with the following IP and Ports*:

  • : 1500915010
  • : 200222008023389
by anonymous


Correct, from 2020 09 new RMS functionality was introduced ("RMS connect"), which also added additional RMS IP address and ports.

Current RMS port information:

  • RMS Management IP: Required TCP ports: 
    • 80, 443 - Connection to RMS
    • 15009, 15010 - MQTT connection between devices and RMS
    • Optionally, TCP 15000, 15006 and UDP 5003-25000 ports for devices with old firmware version, where connection to RMS happens through OpenVPN, instead of MQTT
  • RMS Connect IP: Required TCP ports:
    • 20022 - RMS connect SSH
    • 20080 - RMS connect HTTP
    • 23389 - RMS connect RDP