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Hello all,

As mentioned in the object we're unable to switch digital output via sms; to set the rule we followed the guide in here and we put the following values:

  • Action: ON
  • Active timeout: not enabled
  • SMS Text: turnon
  • Authorization method: No authorization
  • Allowed users: From all numbers
  • Output type: Digital OC output

Then we enabled the rule.

With these settings the output never switches and we also tried to change values of "Action" and "Output type" but nothing changed.

We are absolutely sure the output works because when we try to change its status manually, it switches.

As mentioned the hw we use is RUT950 and the firmware version is RUT9XX_R_00.06.04.5.

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I assume you mean RUT955, correct? Because RUT950 doesn't have the described features. I tested it on RUT955 with the same FW and both on and off messages work well.

One thing that could be causing your issue is full SMS storage. You can look it up via the WebUI, Services → SMS Utilities → SMS Management → Storage page.

Also, does the SIM card's plan include SMS? It's not a data-only card?

Edit: the answer is in the comments.

Best answer

No, we confirm is RUT950 as you can see in this picture (System --> System Information)


Also we confirm the hw has got the feature as you can see in this other picture (Services --> Input/Output --> Output --> ON/OFF)

Moreover SMS are enabled because if we try to send other messages (e.g. iostatus) we receive the answer.

And SMS storage seems ok.

Ok sorry, my device is of an older HW revision (without I/O in power connector). Let me get back to you after I find a new one.
Hi again,

I have confirmed there is a bug. I also found that it's known and already fixed. The fix will be available from the next FW version.
Hi Dziugas,

Thanks for the investigation and the answer. Could we know when the new release will be available?
Soon. Perhaps today, but possibly in the beginning of next week.
I can post a link here when it's out.

Thank you very much smiley


It's out. Click here to download the new FW.


Hi Dziugas,

we have made some preliminary tests and it has worked perfectly.

We make as solved. Thanks so much smiley.

No problem, good luck with the router!