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Hi. I have a 955, and i have a motion sensor in a digital input. Im wishing to drive an output, but only during certain hours. Its to trigger a strobe light but im wanting to do it after hours on week days, and all day on weekends. I can see you can do scheduled output control, but i cant see how i can integrate this with the input triggers.

Maybe i have to use output control to enable a relay instead?

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Until recently RUT955 did not have functionality combination, which would allowed such solution (so that output would be triggered by input only at certain hours) without writing custom script/application on the router.

However, now it is possible. In latest RUT9 firmware (RUT9XX_R_00.06.05.1) "Profile scheduler" functionality is not available. With this functionality you can configure two different profiles on the router (one where output will trigger and one where it will not) and specify during which hours which profile should be used.

Latest RUT9 firmware can be download from here:

Profiles can be configured from router's "System -> Profiles" menu.

Hi. thanks so much for this. Ive downloaded the new profile and can see the scheduler.

So to confirm, i can create settings for the IO within a particular profile, and then schedule that profile and the IO settings for that profile will be applied at that time?
Yes, correct
Hi. This hasnt helped at all. Can you better explain the profiles? I created a profile, switched profile to create settings for the IO alerts, and now i cant get back into the RUT955. What happens when you create a profile? I assumed it would create a profile exactly as per the current profile, for you to make custom settings for the IO and then you would go back to the default profile and then schedule the custom profile as required. But ive created a profile and now im locked out of the device. It still broadcasts the SSID, but i cant ping or communicate with the device on the existing IP address, or the default IP address. Need some urgent help to get this device back online.