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Hi everyone,

Could anyone of you please share with me the DMVPN configuration of a CISCO (HUB) and RUT955 (SPOKE) because I am trying for a few days now and I am unsuccessful, I have all the configs as illustrated by the manual but it still doesn't work.

Are there any compatibility issues with having a cisco hub and a rut955 spoke?

If anyone has a full example of a similar scenario share with me please

Can you please help?

I would appreciate


2 Answers

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Please check link below:

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Dear Jose,

Enter to the configuration mode on the Cisco Hub CLI then just enter this configuration 
Just replace the interface if your using a different interface. 


interface Tunnel0

description mGRE - DMVPN Tunnel

ip address

ip nhrp network-id 1

ip nhrp nhs dynamic nbma multicast

ip nhrp shortcut

ip nhrp redirect

tunnel source GigabitEthernet0/0/1             

tunnel key 1234

tunnel protection ipsec profile DMVPN


router bgp 65001

bgp log-neighbor-changes

network mask

neighbor spokes-ibgp peer-group

neighbor spokes-ibgp remote-as 65001

neighbor spokes-ibgp route-reflector-client

neighbor spokes-ibgp soft-reconfiguration inbound

neighbor peer-group spokes-ibgp

neighbor peer-group spokes-ibgp


And follow the configuration on this links : 


Note: Please make sure you will input the LAN IP of the spoke. 


Thank you for you answer Jerome,

But this cisco hub configuration doesn't contain the ipsec configuration part, and I can't set up a DMPVN on my RUT955 without a ipsec configuration.

Please if you already made this and it's working perfetcly share with me your entire configuration, I would appreciate

Best Regard,

Jose Luis.