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We have deployment of roughly 250 x RUT240 routers. We have found that over that past couple of weeks a selection of routers have disconnected from the 4G network and are not reconnecting even with 'ping reboot' enabled. When we have investigated, we have found the routers on an endless restart loop until we manually pull out the power and reboot.

1) Is this a firmware issue?

2) Is it safe/advised to have ping reboot and wget reboot on together?

3) Should we increase ping timeout to more than 5 seconds?

Hi there
did you get to the solution ? if yes then please let me know too as I am using a RUT 950 and want to inquire about the endless bootloop issue too :(

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You should start with increasing timeout to 10 seconds and see if issue persists.

If you don't mind me asking, why did you configure both ping reboot and wget reboot?

Also, what FW version are you using?

Thanks for coming back to me. 

I believe they are on RUT2XX_R_00.01.10 | 2019.07.12

Ok I will increase timeout to 10 seconds. I want to maintain connection uptime. Is there a best configuration for this?

I do not configure ping reboot and wget reboot. I only configure ping reboot, but wondered if it was best to have both on?

It is best to only use one or the other.

Difference between wget and ping reboots is that if web server does not answer to ping (ICMP) requests it can check if web server is alive using WGET.

If you want to increase uptime I would suggest lowering ping interval to lowest setting 5 minutes.