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Hi, is it possible to change the WAN (i.e. from LAN to mobile) through SMS for rut240?

If not is it at least possible to activate the failover to mobile?

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by anonymous


To change main WAN from Wired to Mobile send these commands as SMS messages:

  • <password> uci set network.wan.proto=none
  • <password> uci set network.wan.ifname=wwan0
  • <password> uci set network.wan2.ifname=eth1
  • <password> uci set network.wan2.proto=dhcp
  • <password> uci set network.ppp.enabled=1
  • <password> uci set network.ppp.disabled=0
  • <password> reboot

A simpler but more clumsy way would be to reset the router to its factory settings. In the default configuration Wired set to main and Mobile is set to WAN failover. For that you would only need one message:

  • <password> restore

Yet another method would be to use RMS. If the router has an active Internet connection, you can add it to RMS and control however you wish from there. If the router was never added to RMS before, you'll be able to use it 1 month for free. More info on RMS here.

Hope any of this helps, good luck.

Best answer
Thank you for your detailed answer! I tried the first SMS routine (cleanest solution) and it worked perfectly.

I didn't quite understand all the commands, but the result is: WAN is now mobile and WAN2 is wired.
by anonymous
does this method work for all RUT devices?