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I have one TRB142 with firmware version TRB14X_R_00.00.11.

I try to upgrade the firmware, everything seems to work OK, but after restart, it has the same old firmware.

I tried with the latest firmware, and with TRB1420_R_00.01.00 but after restart, the firmware remains the same.

How can I solve this?

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Can you tell me the device's product code? Should be located on the device's packaging.

This is the data from packaging.


Hi again,

Update: we're looking for a solution to this issue. As soon as we find one, I will inform you. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I have exactly the same issue. I have around 20 of these units and cannot upgrade the Firmware. An example Serial number is: 1101934380

How can i update?


The issue was solved by providing direct access to the modem to the Teltonika support.

But after that I had the same problem with another pieces, yet another colleague from his PC succeeded to update the firmware. I found it strange and I tried from another browser (mozzila) and the updated succeeded (from Google chrome the update does not succed, from mozzila Firefox it succeeded) . 

Maybe it is the same thing on you, try another browser!!



Sorry, but there's no solution. R&D has informed us to tell the users if you have this version of the device, you have to send it to warranty and you should get a replacement device.

Please fill out this form and wait for a Teltonika sales person to contact you. You can read more about our warranty policy here.