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by anonymous

While the Mosquitto bridge works fine there is one feature supported by Mosquitto but missing from LUCI/UCI. Topic mapping.

It is only possible to configure:

  • Topic
  • Direction
  • QoS level

Which is fine if you don't intend to prefix topics from this proxy. But there are many situations where you do want add a prefix. Situations where "dumb" devices behind the proxy needs a UUID prefix as a way to separate them from other devices behind another proxy.

Two input fields, one for "local-prefix" and one for "remote-prefix" would be enough (for each topic).

My current solution is to manualy edit and abuse the qos field in /etc/config/mosquitto by adding "" my-remote-prefix/ which doesn't work with the LUCI interface.


config topic
        option qos '1 "" rut-modbus/523851a8-9f95-4d01-9e9c-80da338bef0b/'
        option topic '#'
        option direction 'both'

Prefered solution:

config topic
        option topic '#'
        option direction 'both'
        option qos '1'
        option local '""'
        option remote 'rut-modbus/523851a8-9f95-4d01-9e9c-80da338bef0b/'

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Currently this functionality is not available, we will add it to "nice to have" list for future developments. You can contact your Teltonika sales manager for possibility to implement this functionality.