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Hi, I've spend some hours now to get a VPN to my RUT955 working....no luck... I've setup a lot of devices and VPNs, although the RUT955 has lots of settings, I can't get is to work. I've tried this guide: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/4762/vpn-connection-on-android

Also the VPN setup examples: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/OpenVPN_configuration_examples#OpenVPN_configuration_type

Can anyone post a working setup for RUT955 VPN (PPTP or OpenVPN) from android device (with standard onboard PPTP android client) and from PC (standard Win10 PPTP client)?

Thanks a lot!

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do you want to tunnel all traffic or just subnet?
Preferably subnet only, but all trafic will do also.


There should be nothing special.

To allow leave router:

I have tried win10 and win7 and android everything goes with default settings.

What exact problem do you have? Windows can't connect or can't use tunnel?


I checked again, used same/standard setup as you describe. I reseted my RUT955 to default and did it al over agian...: no PPTP connection... :-((

I tested 2 different clients (win10 & android) which is working fine on an other router (other brand/type) and no problems in setting it all up... Also used Win10 as standard PPTP client, no connection to my RUT955.

Where can I get the best debug info on the RUT955 to see where the incomming PPTP connection is dropped? If I check the events log / network event on the RUT955 I don't see anything concerning the PPTP connection.

RUT955 is directly exposed with public IP, no further firewall or anything in between to the client.

 Please advice, thx!