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When I upgrade firmware to RUTX08 device from RUTX_R_00.01.06 version to RUTX_R_00.02.00.1 or .2, I loose access to the device - web GUI doesn't load, SSH doesn't accept my credentials and RMS portal gives an error "an error has occured while trying to browse through the proxy". Just before the upgrade, all 3 ways was working fine. The same problem happnes with multiple RUTX08 devices.

I am upgrading firmware from the file.

Issue persist after I reboot the router (unplug and plug the power cable back in).

The only way to access is again is to restore factory defaults through "reset" pin and configure it from scratch, because if I upload config from previous RUTX_R_00.01.06 firmware version, same situation happens again.

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We had some huge software improvements after RUTX_R_00.01.06 and that is the reason why the router is not working properly when you upload config file. Sadly There is no other option apart reconfigure the router.