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The RUT955 is mobile (public IP and DYNDNS) accessible.
1st destination: The WLAN printer is to be assigned an IP by the RUT955 (DHCP).
2nd destination: The WLAN printer should be reachable by mobile.

At the end a remote client should send a print job via RUT955 to the printer.

Is a VPN connection required? Or can I do this without VPN?
The WLAN printer does not yet get an IP from the RUT955. What is missing?

The LAN information does not go beyond "Collect data



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Is a VPN connection required? Or can I do this without VPN?

Either VPN or a public IP will be required. From one of your screenshots it looks like you have an IP. The next step towards making make the printer reachable from outside is to setup Port Forwarding. It can be done from the Network → Firewall → Port Forwarding page. The idea is to set up a rule that forwards all incoming outside connections aimed at the printer to the printer's private IP/Port. For example:


The WLAN printer does not yet get an IP from the RUT955. What is missing?

The page looks frozen, so it could be bugged. Can you try Ctrl+F5? Also, which FW version are you using? (Seems the page is well on the latest version.)

Also, this page shouldn't have an effect on the actual results. In your Wireless information screenshot it looks like a device is already connected via WiFi, could be the printer. You can check its IP in the ARP table, which can be seen in the Status → Routes page.

I would also like to recommend configuring a static IP lease for the printer so that its IP address always remains the same. More info on that here.

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Thank you very much for the information.

I made a wrong entry at the boardcast address. Therefore LAN/DHCP could not work properly.

They say port forwarding would do. But there is still something missing. From the outside I can't access the config page of the printer via browser yet.

In the local network (192.168.20.xxx LAN and WLAN) it works.

I have some new pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fAcmsilzDYmpPhRkADE-IK8rX--8PCCU?usp=sharing

With *Name/IP:1050* I can access the router from the outside.
With *Name/IP:250* but unfortunately not on the printer

Do you have any ideas?
Excuse me, ma'am. I'm stupid.
The printer answers on port 80 and not on 250.

Target port changed and problem solved.
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