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Hello everyone,

I'm looking for a description of how to connect the ignition cable for my RUT850. In the Status display in the WebUI the Ignition State is always ON when the cable is not connected to anything. I've tried to feed it 12V, same as the red power wire, and I've tried connecting it to GND, but no change.

I've searched the manual, but can't find any description there either. Does anyone know?



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Thank you, but I did read both of them already and neither one is very helpful.

The first one says "Connect the power adapter to the socket on the back of the device. Then plug the other end of the power adapter into the power socket." Nothing about the ignition wire except that it's the green one.

The manual has the exact same information. No info about how to connect it for example in a car; no info about the logic of the ignition wire.

We will prepare a scheme for the wiki page, but it looks like your device could have issues with I/O. Is there any way for you to check with any other RUT850 ?
I subscribe to the question.

Where can I see the wiring diagram with the "ignition" wire as well as the logic of work according to this scheme ???