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I'm trying to configure a client side of an ipsec tunnel.

The provider of the server request to use as destination address the ip

The problem is that once the VPN is enabled I can't access the router through the LAN interface.

Is that a correct behaviour?



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This is not the first time I'm hearing of this so I did a lot of tests in an attempt to reproduce the issue. Using in the "Remote IP address/Subnet mask" is not incorrect by itself, but I was able to reproduce server settings that cause the same issue as you have described.

I'm not sure at this point whether it's the exact same thing, for that I would need to see the server's config (but I assume that will be impossible). Nonetheless, I have registered the bug. I will inform as soon as I get a response from RND.
Hi Dziugas,
thank you very much for your kind response.
I can try to ask the server provider to verify its configuration, but as you have already said I think I can do nothing to change it.
Could you still tell me what server configuration settings are causing the problem?

Many thanks,

I think the server is pushing the default route via itself to your router's routing table. It's not the server's fault because this is a common practice. Could be that the RUT is not handling the routing correctly. I still don't know at this point, I left it for RND to analyze.

Any additional info would appreciated. Since at this point I don't know if I even found the same bug. :) But the symptoms seems the same.
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None of our RUT devices can do this and doing so will stop all routing functions AND disconnect mobile connection requiring a modem restart.

Something is off on the RUTos