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Hi i have a RUT230

Since yesterday I can no longer connect remotely.

I also tried to send the SMS reboot message but I don't think I have enabled this feature, I kept all the settings default configurations.

How can I see if the modem is active and there is a connection problem with the mobile network? What SMS could I send?

I use a sim card by Think Mobile



here part  the contenent of the file sms_utils extract from backup:

from what I understand it seems that SMS rules are not enabled.

Is there a possibility to enable a rule via SMS?

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The rules are enabled:

To use the reboot rule, send a message containing your router's password followed by the text reboot. For example:

  • admin01 reboot

Replace admin01 with the router's actual password. And take note that uppercase and lowercase letters matter.

You can also try the same thing with the status message. If both of these don't work, perhaps the SIM card is no longer active?

Hi thanks for the answer.

Already tested with status message but no answer from the router.

The sim in new, just 1 month, it worked until yesterday.

If you see in the image configuration, row 7, smsreboot it seems disabled.
Then it looks like the modem is down at the moment. Is it possible to access this router physically to perform a reboot?