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I try to connect to a RUTX11 over internet - but nothing works...

The hardware: RUTX11 Router with FW ver: RUTX_R_00.02.00.2. In SIM1 is a Vodafone SIM, SIM2 is empty. My Laptop is connected to LAN1. The router got a factory reset.

The plan: I want to ping the router and get remote SSH access over the mobile connection.

What have I done:

  1. I completed the setup wizard.
  2. After that the router established a mobile internet connection. My Laptop gets access to the internet so I can browse websites.
  3. In System->Administration->AccessControl I enabled SSH normal & remote access. Over the LAN connection I can log in via SSH on IP address
  4. To get the mobile public IP from the router I did the setup of the dyndns service (I used The router tells me this IP: (real IP, I got for a few hours)
  5. Then I went with my browser to an get again. So I think this is the public ip on the internet. Right?
  6. Then I tried to ping the ip with the windows console (cmd). But I get no response. To be sure I disconnected my laptop from the router and used our corporate ethernet and additional a mobile Hotspot. No ping response...
  7. The same when I try to connect SSH (putty).

Where is the error? Can somebody help me? Finally I want to establish a vpn connection, but I already fail at getting the public ip... :-(



1 Answer

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by anonymous

Can send me a Troubleshoot file via private message? It can be downloaded from the router's WebUI, System → Administration → Troubleshoot page.
by anonymous

yes I of course. But I don't know how to send you the file... When I click on your profile name and then on "Send Private Message" I can only enter text. There is no option to attach a file :-(


by anonymous
It's fixed now. There should be an option to upload file via private message.
by anonymous
Thank you! Private message is on it's way to you ;-)
by anonymous

Thanks, I received the file. But your IP is not, it is, which is a private IP. That's why you can't ping it or SSH to it.

IPs in the range are not classic private IPs (like,,, but they're private IPs reserver specifically for network operators. it's explained here.

by anonymous
Thank you for the fast reply and your help!

I'll ask vodafone to change the ip to a public-ip. I only looked at the ip from whatismyip or the dyndns service, which seemed to be public to me...

Can you say me where you found the ip so I can check it on my own? Is it the IP shown at Network->WAN->MOB1S1A1->IP? Would this be the IP i have to adress for a ping oder shh connection?
by anonymous
You can either check it in the Status → Overview page, WAN widget or, yes, in Network → WAN.

Sites like whatsmyip show the IP as it is seen on the Internet. i.e., this will always be a pubic IP, but in most cases, it's a public shared by many mobile devices.