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We have some sites with multiple SSID's in different areas, which we would like the RUT955 to automatically connect to each one as it is moved around.

I can manually set these up in the Multiple Access Points configuration screen, but if i try to use the "AP list" function by uploading a file it does not correctly save the SSID's. it does not add multiples and doesn't input the encryption data.

I have formatted the file as per the instructions on the bubble which appears when hovering over the option.

We have quite a number to update, and this would save a lot of time.

The router is on the most recent firmware.

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I have tested and confirmed that this bug exists. Thanks for the feedback, I have registered it.

Meanwhile, if you have to configure multiple routers perhaps making one Configuration Backup file and uploading to all the routers would make things faster. (If the configurations are identical, of course.)
Thank you for the response.

Uploading a config file would work well, as the majority of our routers would need to be configured the same.

Are you able to point me in the direction of a guide with how to apply multiple SSID's via a config?

You need to configure one router manually. i.e., add the necessary SSIDs yourself. Then go the System → Administration → Backup page and download a Backup archive. This file contains your router's current configuration. So, you can upload the file to the other routers via the same page.

If you have your routers on RMS, you can do it much faster by uploading the Backup to all your devices at once.


Update: it's fixed. But only a test FW is currently available. You can download it from here.

But I only recommend using this for tests and not actual solutions. The fix will be implemented into the standard FW version in the next release, which should be available in about two weeks.

New FWs are periodically uploaded here.