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by anonymous
Hi Guys,

POE is a little new to me so please be kind.

Could someone please expalin exactly what I need to do to be able to power my X11 via POE? I know there are details on the Wiki but it holds no instructions apart from the pin-outs...

I have a Active POE Swtich which I assume is usless as the X11 will not detect it and hence not enable to power to be sent over right. So is my ONLY option to use an Injector with a home made cable with the correct pins connected as per the Wiki?

Or will one of these work with my current Active POE Switch please?

I want to keep the setup as simple as possibe with the least cables and power supplies so would be great to be able to use my exisitng POE Switch etc.

Again, apologies for the newbie qustions!


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by anonymous
The first two look fine, wouldn’t use the 48v ubiquity unit though, no need to go that high with voltage and if you do you should  make sure it’s regulated and never goes over that or you will damage the unit, cheaper psu’s can easily go over the output voltage you expect. We never go above 24v or below 12v but that’s a personal choice.

Patch into the Poe 802.3af/at port on the switch through the converter (you linked above) and into rut unit on LAN 1

Hope this helps.

Thank you! smiley

Much appreciated.

I have a few of them on order now and will report back once received. The Ubiquity one is apparently 24v and not 48 but I will meter everything before connecting up to the X11.

Would be good to be able to have an easy/documented solution for ALL if they want to POE. Whilst the wiki is pretty good it does lack certain info (not just about this scenario) that would make life so much easier for others. 

Just to say though that despite the lack of detailed info in some cases/the wiki, I am overly happy with the X11 and what it can do etc. Just need to add static ip/names and I will be in heaven lol . 

Be good! 

Back soon! laugh

by anonymous
They are great units and we have been using them for many years, they have a few oddities but we customise them a lot and cant fault them.

Glad you are enjoying them :)
by anonymous

Received the Ubiquiti INS-3AF-I-G earlier today (TY Amazon). On the box and unit it clearly states 24Volts so no idea where the 48 comes from in the description.

Did some quick metering and checking and dropped it in, WORKS GREAT

It is not the cheapest alternative out there but I can confirm that it works with Full Gigabit support and does not drop down to 100 and with that I am more than happy to have paid the £22 for it especially as I had it within 12 hours lol.

So anyone looking to get POE to any of the units from a POE Switch (3af or 3at) then this little gizmo does the job out the box. No faffing about wiring your own cables, using injectors or looking to replace the switch to one that has a Passive override (like I nearly did).

Thanks all! laugh