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My RUT240 did not connect to the internet via the WAN. Ping worked, Update worked, so it was connected, i supposed some trouble with DNS. Half year ago i found the solution to that problem in this forum: I had to uncheck "Disable NAT". But after months, whenever the router was switched on, the connection startet fairly good, got slower and slower, until finally after one or two hours, there was no more internet connection at all again. After a lot of experimenting and investigation, i found the solution: I have unchecked the "connection health monitor" (which seems to check the connection by pinging a given IP-Adress, i had entered the, i a certain rythm). After unchecking, my connection ist far better then ever before und fully reliable.

A known bug in the routers firmware? Is the health monitor useful for anything?


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Health monitor check if the router still has internet access via certain WAN interface if not and if there is another WAN interface (WAN failover) then router switches to another WAN interface and also health monitor allows/let rotuer to know how often it should check that WAN interface to see if there is internet access via that WAN interface.

Recommend updating routers firmware to the latest one and check if you wil have same issue with the new FW regarding "health monitor". FW - https://wiki.teltonika.lt/view/RUT2xx_Firmware