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I have some RUT950 routers. I noticed that they are always very slow to appear on computers and smartphone wifi lists whereas Dlink, TDlink, Huawei etc. appear immediatly ? This is not a very good thing for hotspot use, but maybe it is because of the wifi configuration ?

Can anyone explain this to me ?

Thank you and i whish you a happy new year

Best regard.

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Please specify exact times it takes for tested routers to load until SSID appears on other devices.

Also, please specify exact time it takes for your RUT950 to broadcast its SSID to other devices.

Was hotspot configured on all of the devices (Teltonika, DLink, TPlink, Huawei) at time of testing?
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I made the test on these devices :

Asus RTN12


Huawei B315s-22

And the SSID appear in less than 1 second

I tried with an Iphone X, a Samsung S10, a Macbook Pro and a W10 Lenovo ThinkCenter.

And I have 5 Teltonika routers RUT950 (one from the previous generation, and the others from the new generation).

Sometimes SSID appears in 5 seconds ! Sometime (behind a wall for example) almost 10 seconds.

Any idea why ? I am a convinced user of teltonika, so I would like to find the clue !

Thank you very much

maybe other Devices are on a lower frequency Band and the Clients starting the scan also on the lower

frequency? (for example: Yout RUT Device is on 5300Mhz and the other Devices are on 5180 or 5200Mhz)

Best regards