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We want to use the NMEA data from a RUT955 as input for the local installed OpenCPN chart plotter software on a Windows PC.
See https://www.opencpn.org/OpenCPN/info/downloads.html How can we get the NMEA GPS data into the PC? We tried Services -> GPS -> NMEA forwarding. This does not seem to be the solution. What is the easiest way to get this working? Do we need a serial RS232 to USB cable? Or is a NMEA server/multiplexer required? Can anyone point us in the right direction? We are NMEA/GPS noobs...
We thought this should be possible and easy done because the RUT955 has a GPS receiver built in.

Kind regards from Texel Island - Netherlands

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There is a mistake in yours configuration, Hostname in router configuration should be your computer IP address (server address that will be receiving data), and Protocol should be same in OpenCPN settings and in router settings so choose either UDP or TCP at both ends. After fixing connection you should be receiving data.


If you want to show only the last, acutal position to other persons you can use also the free site:  http://mapmypos.com

This site receives the NMEA data from your position and stores only the last sentence with crypted, absolute anonymous hashcode of your routers serial number in a database. Your can send then your family and friends the link to show the actual position.

More Information you will find in this document:  http://mapmypos.com/rutgps.pdf