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for the last firmware upgrade from 6.03.2 to 6.05.3 I've noticed that the name of input rules name has changed from "Input open", "Input shorted" to "Low level", "High level" but that was not a problem. Problem occurred that rules type works opposite (open after update changed to high, shorted to low).

I have action defined in Input rules with the GET method but these action does not work (after update).
The urls work perfectly in manual testing but there are not run via Input rules.

I have found that question: https://community.teltonika-networks.com/9120/rut955-digital-input-rules-not-working-properly-on-firmware

Is it necessary to set default settings to router and configure them again? I have 50+ stations with such rules defined and problem occurs in all upgraded routers to fv: 6.05.3 (that firmware is required because it solve our problem with LTE connection).
Problem does not occur in versions up to: 6.04.5

Best regards.

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A certain fix was implemented considering input logic, so following that, while in Services > Input/Output > Status tab, values changed from "Open" to "High logic" and from "Shorted" to "Low logic", in Services > Input/Output > Input tab, in your rules' configuration they got inverted (e.g. if you had rule to activate on Shorted now it activates on opposite -  High logic) so for it to work like it did before you have to change rule trigger values manually (in Services > Input/Output > Input tab, click Edit on chosen input rule, and in Input Configuration window switch Trigger value)


Yes, I've made the change manually.
As I said it was not the main problem.

Main problem is that in firmware 6.05.3 the urls (Site links - in Teltonika GUI) I attached to Input rules (both in high and low level) are not executed. The same links worked in previous version of fv.
We  have removed the triggers and created exactly the same triggers (the same enables rules with site links) and they are not working in fv RUT_9XX_R_6.05.3