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few weeks ago I reported problem with LTE band connection for RUT9XX_6.04.5 which leads to new fv 6.05.1 / 6.05.3 (thank you for quick response). Now after buying new routers we have found another problems with Internet connection.

With the newest firmware we still have problem with mobile connection.
In our lab I have router: RUT955T033C0

We install router and it was working for about 2 hours. After short aerial disconnection (the antena was plugged out and plugged in) we lost connection to Internet. I reset, updated router from to, try to create and load restore point (what helped in previous issue). Finally I replaced router to another brand new, it has got and we have got the same problem - no internet. Other thing that GSM range indication in WebUI works fine - 3..4/5, but range LEDs at cabinet were off. Connection LED was permanently green. 

Both routers were new from box, in new version of cabinet. During test in office we have got very strange problems. Range LEDs works fine - 4/5, we are in location with very good LTE connection, but during connection to Internet via router we have got very big gaps in pings to the Internet, big response time (up to 3000ms) or no connection, state of connection at router looks normally.

I can send you two troubleshot files:

  • 2020-01-09 - router which we installed as first, in meantime there was reset to default
  • 2019-06-10 - router which we installed as second

Best regards,

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Could you send me these troubleshoot packages via private message? Take note, that in order for troubleshoot package to provide any useful information, it must be downloaded from the router while issue is still present.

I noticed again the situation that device has no connection to the internet.
Logs file shows that device  connected to operator but does not obtain IP address.

I've sent you troubleshoot file via private message.
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Can we have any update here because I have no idea if I should add net topic?

I have a troubleshoot for you from the router with FV: 6.05.3 where router lost connection ... and did not even try to reconnect.
Everything in modem was not active.

After reset router connected to mobile network but few days later the same situation occurred.
Because lack of mobile connection we cannot even reboot via SMS.