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I'm trying to get TRB141 working with 1-wire sensor over MQTT, but I'm facing obstacles. I have client and broker set up in AWS and would like to publish 1-wire data over MQTT there from TRB141. It's listening to topic: router/id/#

Is there ways e.g to test MQTT connection via TRB141, since mosquitto_pub command is disabled. Tcpdump shows pretty much nothing except ssh, lan and https traffic.

I also have issues with the 1-wire sensor. It seems that the device acknowledges the sensor when viewing from syslog:

Wed Jan 15 11:08:09 2020 kernel: [    0.883865] Driver for 1-wire Dallas network protocol.

Is there a way where I could view the 1-wire data from the TRB141? I tried to look up ubus call command, but can't seem to figure it out. 

Thanks and Apologies. I'm fairly new with sensor stuff.

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As Justin Burnett mentioned, if you want to test TRB141 MQTT try to use default TRB topics. However, to do this you have to use embedded MQTT broker. Other way to test MQTT is to configure ModBus TCP Master (, which will read data from slave simulator on your PC (Modbus PLC Simulator on Windows or diagslave on Linux) and with Modbus data to Server ( configure data transferring with MQTT to your AWS Broker. With this you will be able to test data transfer via MQTT

About MQTT publisher, yeah currently it is not implemented in TRB141 and if you want to enable it, you will have compile your ownTRB141 firmware with this feature enabled using our SDK (

To read data from 1-Wired sensor try to follow this instructions, I have tested with Dallas DS1820 temperature sensor and was able to collect data:

Connect 1-wire device and open SSH for TRB141 and enter following commands:

  • echo 1018 > /sys/class/gpio/export
  • echo out > /sys/class/gpio/gpio1018/direction
  • echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio1018/value


  • cd /sys/bus/w1/devices/

With ls command you will find several folders, one will be w1_bus_master1 and other should look similar to this 10-0008038275

  • cd in that folder

After that use:

  • ls
  • there should see w1-slave device
  • to get data simple - cat w1-slave
Best answer
Hi Tomas,

How can you send one-wire data using the "data-to-server" feature of the TRB141?  Currently it appears that you can only send modbus registers, but how do you send other input data to an MQTT beoker (publish) using the data-to-server feature?
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You need to subscribe to the specific Topic required...

What 1 wire sensor are you using and how have you interfaced it to the TRB141?

The topic/s you want to subscribe to are below;




MQTT data can be found here   (awesome resource)