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i have a rut950 with 2 sim. I want to use this router for livestreaming sport

I want to test that: when sim1 go down the router go to sim2 and i can continue the streaming

First to use this router i want to test the effective passage with failover and the time that need that i hope is less possible

I can i do this test? I have tried to remove sim1 to simulate the down of the mobile-wan but the led of mobile blinking in red and do not switching to sim2

Is normal? how can I simulate an real test of failover function? thanks a lot


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For RUT950 you need to configure not a Failover, but SIM switch function. You can find it in WebUI, Network > Mobile > SIM Management tab. 

Mark "Enable automatic SIM switching", and then choose on what conditions it will activate from SIM1 to SIM2 and visa versa (2 separate Tabs). If you will select "no network", save, and then remove SIM card it will trigger SIM switch functionality, and you will be able to test time it takes to reconnect to mobile network with secondary SIM card. 


Tomorrow i check but i have already set this configuration in “sim1 to sim2” and “sim2 to sim1” with the rules include “no network” and test with removed sim1

Tomorrow i’ll try again and send my configuration tabs

Thans for the Moment!

Hi! i have checked the configuration and re-try the sim switching

don't work

i have removed the sim1 and no mobile connect to sim2

I attach the screenshot of configuration

what's wrong? Thanks


Does your second SIM card connects normally if you simply set it as a primary card? If yes, maybe you could replicate problem one more time, download router troubleshoot file and send it to me?


Hi! I have tested and now works with this configuration.

I have seen that need 1 minute to switch and reconnect the mobile Line on sim2

Also set check interval from 30 to 1 the time is similar... not is possible better speed to reconnect? Lose 1 minute of live streaming is not good for us

Again: when sim2 is active is possible test if sim1 return active and switch to it? 

If i check return on sim1 and it not ready i loosr the connection on internet



In sim switch settings when you choose "on data connection fail" option there is a choice of LCP or ICMP echo method. ICMP lets you select extra configurations like "Health monitor ICMP timeout" and "Attempts before SIM failover" 

If it is set up like this, it will check yours connection every second, and if it fails to ping (Google DNS server in this example) once, SIM switch will be initiated. It starts really fast, but will still take some time to connect to Mobile provider which will still take 30 or more seconds for connection to be up again, depending on yours connection and provider. That is the fastest option at this moment. 

Just keep in mind that depending on yours connection quality, setting everything to lowest time, and retry options can start SIM card switching when it is not needed, e.g. couple of seconds connection problem, that would not really influence your streaming, could initiate SIM switch and you will loose more time, so you want to test it few times more before applying it for use.

Best regards,

ok, then I leave the check at 30
To speed up the transition from one data network to another I would have thought of another solution
I connect a rut950 with mobile sim via wan port to another rut950 and set the wan line as primary.
I imposed the failover of the second rut950 with the mobile line via sim. When the wan line drops, the passage with the failover on the sim of the second router is faster because the mobile line on the sim is already active?
If this system works what is the configuration to be carried out especially to pass the internet signal from the first router to the second via the wan port?
can you help me?


If you have 2 routers yes that is possible.

First RUT950 configuration in WebUI:
1. Network > WAN Main WAN - Mobile (if it gets data only from Mobile provider, other settings here are not as important)
2. Network > LAN in Configuration > General Setup IP address - 192.168.x.1*

Second RUT950 configuration in WebUI:
1. Network > WAN Main WAN - Wired, Backup WAN - Mobile, WAN Failover turned on (not Load Balancing)
2. Network > LAN in Configuration > General Setup IP address - 192.168.y.1*

*LAN subnets on routers must be different for example if x = 1 then y = 5 or something like that.

Connect routers with Ethernet cable from First RUT950 LAN port to Second RUT950 WAN port, and connect yours PC to second router. 

That is it.