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We are interested to use Schneider EcoStruxure Machine Advisor could platform to log & display the data, i.e., inputs and outputs of RUT955.

Is there an instruction for how to set up this?

Below is the information on Machine Advisor Platform for link to remote unit with MQTT.


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by anonymous

I'm trying to make the same connection between RUT955 and MachineAdvisor.
It seems HTTPs JSON format on Modbus Data to Server is not compatible with TANGO format
Charlie format isn't supported yet

Testing MQTTs (available on the last FW) : Impossible to use the SharedKey provided by MachineAdvisor (IOT Hub)
I'm waiting for an answer about it too

Edit : Based on NodeRed MQTTs example, provided by Schneider Electric

Server :

Client ID : urn:dev:ops:000000-EMA-prod-d9dc26a*****************

Security Username :*****************

Password : SharedAccessSignature*****************&sig=dUt****************************************%3D&se=1610******

Topic : devices/urn:dev:ops:000000-EMA-prod-d9dc26a*****************/messages/events/

Buona sera volevo sapere se su questo tipo di piattaforma ci sono risvolti sui formati json supportati il modo charlie sia supportato
The next firmware release of RUT2xx will integrate Modbus Data to server with Json Object.(and not as an array of Json Object)

This functionnality allows to send with Tango Format data to Machine Advisor by HTTPs

MQTTs could be possible too in near future

ok grazie attendo con ansia

ho 20 dispositivi da aggiornare
Hi, I would like to check the status of this enquiry. I would also like to connect my RUT240 with Machine Advisor
Always waiting for official release for Data as JSON option on Modbus Data to Server
Ci sono novità sull'update per la comunicazione con il machine Advisor dellla schneider?
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From what I've seen, the connection to Machine Advisor is possible with TRB2xx products since the "Data as JSON object" option has been added to the Modbus Data Sender.

It's only a matter of time before this option is integrated in the firmwares of the other products in my opinion but you have to contact your Sales Manager at Teltonika.

For your information (I am from Schneider), I was able to establish this communication using Teltonika solutions.

- Either by using the HTTPS protocol and the Modbus Data Sender

- Either by using the MQTTs protocol and the Modbus Data Sender

- Either by using the MQTTs broker as a bridge to relay the MQTTs produced by the M2xx PLCs (M241 / M251 / PD3)

Depending on your needs on the SE side, I can help

If necessary, send me a PM
Buona sera io ho macchine SE tipo M251 collegate con RUT230

e volevo sfruttare se possibile il machine advisor tramite protoccolo MQTT per

inviare i log con cadenza di un minuto al server ma non riesco

i rut 230 sono aggioranti all'ultimo FW 1.12.3
by anonymous
Hi Anonymous

If it was possible for you to connect to the Machine Adviser how did you get the Certificate files ?

I would like to send a PM but you are anonymous ;-)