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I've purchased the RUT955 router and I'm trying to make the router send the GPS data to the HTTP/HTTPS Server. So I basically set the URL to the RUT955 address which is and marked the Send GSM signal and Send digital input (1). After these things did I expect the router to send the data to the HTTP/HTTPS server. To capture the data I should use some type of HTTP/HTTPS listener, right?

So in python, I made some kind of socket listener on - but it doesn't capture anything. How can I capture the data being sent from the server?
by anonymous
Im confused, So your sending the GPS data from the RUT, back into the RUT.....?

Generally, you'd send it to a computer or similar device in another location that can actually open a listening port.
I actually wrote a rut955 port but I actually use my pc ip. How can I obtain sent data from rut955 in my pc?

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by anonymous
You'd need to host to host a service to receive the messages, this forum is mainly for support of the Teltonika devices. If you require help build or hosting a service to receive tcp/ip messages over network i suggest you get on google.

Off the top of my head the easiest way would be to implement a nodered service on a PC and simply run an TCP incoming endpoint, then log the receiving payloads.
by anonymous
I just quickly set this up and it works fine, just set your host port on nodered on a TCP in Node and then set the port number after your nodered servers IP address in the RUT GPS HTTP Settings, works a treat.

It appears as thought he data sent is in hex though, so you'll need to transpose it into something to make use of the data.

For reference, Has anyone got some documentation on the hex translation/protocol to know which bytes of data are what?