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by anonymous

My new RUT950 router has less Wifi range than my old RUT240. 

My analyzer detects 15% less wifi power at 10 meters than a RUT240 in the same place. Some time ago I made an inquiry to Tecktronica and it indicated to me that RUT950 had a slightly higher range than RUT240, that's why I bought a RUT950. Now that I have it, I see that the range is lower. Is the RUT950 broken?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Have you checked the transmit power under the advanced WIFI settings?
by anonymous

The transmission power is 100% in RUT950 and RUT240. both routers are placed next to each other. The reception point is placed 10 meters. At this point, the RUT950 has an RSSI -72 reception level and RUT240 has RSSI -62. These levels can vary approximately 20% up or down depending on the position of the antenna, but the reception of the signal arriving from the RUT950 router is always lower.