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by anonymous
i'm using a RUTX09 on latest firmware (2.01.1) with a working 4G connection.

i configure the device, change the default password and configure it further. Upon disconnecting power or a reboot from the WEB Gui, the device only accepts the default password and has no configuration for the most part. It starts the setupwizzard after every reboot. restoring a config backup also does not work. It keeps going back to default. Please help.
by anonymous
ok i've done a bootloader reset (holding the reset button during powerconnector insertion) and re-upgraded the firmware with the same firmware version. After that, it seems like configuration sticks after rebooting several times.

i do have new symptom now: after i select reboot from the webgui, the device does not come back. no leds are blinking or lit up, only the LAN link is up. I have to hard poweroff / poweron the device to boot it.


2 Answers

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by anonymous

Try reinstalling the firmware via WebUI without "Keep settings" and then try rebooting the router via WebUI.
i did the firmware reinstall using the bootloader menu and after that, the settings persisted acros reboots. So that seems ok.

Still one problem that bugs me: if i reboot using the CLI or Web GUI, the device does not actually reboot. I need to powercycle it. any idea why that could be the case?
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by anonymous
ok after flashing several times and not keeping settings. It seem to all work now. no issues, still a bit weird experience.
I have mostly same problems. Why is the software not stable for the price of the device. Also what is the problem with port forwarding. I cannot select an ip address.

I am really mad with that product.