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It may take up to 5 minutes for it to provide the data / internet connectivity from boot.

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Hello Lauri,

Please explain how you are checking internet connectivity?

My advice is: connect one PC to RUT240 LAN port, start endless PING to IP address (ping -t). Power on your device and start counting time until you get PING reply from

For any RUT device 5 minutes booting time is too long. Regularly it is up to 80sec., if we use Mobile as main WAN. Is Mobile (WAN) your primary WAN?

We should find out which startup part is slowing down it. Router is starting slow or modem is connecting to long on GSM network?

If you can't figure it out, please do some tests and send me troubleshoot file:

•             First test: Please restart your devices, wait until it boots up and establishes internet connection.

•             Second test: Please restart only mobile connection (WebUI -> Status -> Mobile – Restart connection).

Then download troubleshoot file (WebUI-> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot) and send it to me private message.

We will wait for your feedback