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by anonymous

rut240 is connected but cannot do anything in rms error code: 65541
s/n 1103453601
how to solve this?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Can you start  by checking;

1. Verifying that your RUT240 has Internet access
2. DNS - Can you ping from the router ?
3. Can you check with your ISP if there is any port usage restrictions? It might be because of some ports that are needed to make connection to the RMS might be blocked.

by anonymous
its connected to internet otherwise it will be offline in RMS.

I dont have acces to the router as rms wont allow me to connect to the router.

ISP is the same as for 150 other rut240 routers which are perfectly working.
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by anonymous


If RUT240 has internet access and is able to ping RMS, please send me “Troubleshoot file”. You can download it from RUT240 (WebUI -> System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot). Send your RMS company name and troubleshoot file to me on PM.


by anonymous


I cannot download troubleshoot file, it gives an error: " This action could not be performed at the moment. Please try again.

error code: 65541 "

Its online in RMS, but it wont be able to do anything.
RMS company name is benext, serialnumber is above.
looking forward if you have any ideas how to solve this. 
by anonymous

We checked it on RMS. Your device is not reaching RMS.

1.       Please, reboot it. You can send SMS text: admin01 reboot

2.       Check the internet status of your device. Send SMS text to your RUT device: admin01 status

Note: (<<admin01>> is default RUT password and should be replaced by your admin password).

by anonymous
Thanks, I have internet connection according the simcard managementportal and the connected enddevice is working as well (without the power to ssh or reboot the 4g-router).

I'v tried the SMS text message with our password and default password  but no reply on the SMS text message.

Strange, I will replace the rut240 unit next time I'm nearby the client, maybe something went wrong while configuring the device as the internet to the clients end device is working it has low prio.

thanks for your help so far!