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We've recently started to deploy Teltonika RUT950's for a system we're selling. We are using SIM-cards with a private APN to access network services we need to provide the service.

All this is working fine, but we would like to install the SNMP package on all routers which is not included as default. While we can upload the file, we would like to be install it from the package manager (it tries to pull it in after deploying the config via RMS, but fails). Our APN does not allow internet access (which is kind of the point) but we would like to open the firewall ports needed for package manager to work.

I identified the IP which seems to be a metadata catalog for the packages, but not hosting the packages themselves. Also, does anyone know the hostname for that IP?

I managed to open the firmware with a .bin-utility and found some references to, is that what needs to be open? It doesn't point to a single IP and I need to create tickets to our hosting provider for firewall openings (and pay for each) so I figured I'd ask here before paying for my own experiments...

Can someone help me along here?


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by anonymous

SNMP package you looking for is custom only for RUT9XX devices. You won’t find them on I asked R&D to provide necessary info, how to solve this issue. Once I have the information, I will share it with you.

Sounds great. Let me know when you find something out!
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by anonymous

Custom SNMP package for RUT955 you can download from Teltonika wiki:

And manually upload it using WebUI -> System -> Package manager -> Upload.

I'm aware of this, and that is what we do right now. This is a manual thing we would like to avoid though.

Right now we only have 8 devices deployed, but we will deploy many many more and our service department who handles the deploy doesn't want to do manual work if they don't need to..

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by anonymous
Hi Andreas H,

I have additional info for you. Please contact me with private message.