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I would like to know if it's possible to make a configuration file for a RUT955. We have al lot of RUT955 with the same configuration. Someone told me that the solution to make an backup from a RUT955 and import that to another is not a good solution because he copies the serial number. Is it possible to make an backup and import it without overwriting the serial number? Or do you have an other solution so it can save me a lot of time configuring all routers?

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Hello Hans,

Using other router backup (System -> Admistration -> Backup) file won't overwrite serial number, so you can use this option to move configuration from one device to other.

But make sure that your routers product code has same first 9 symbols. Since if those are different you won't be able to upload backup file.
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Thank you for your answer!

De product code that you are mentioning is like: RUT955T03020 on the label of the box?
Yes, so just check that other routers has "RUT955T03" part of the code and configuration will be uploaded.