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by anonymous
Like another user on this forum i am unable to update the modem firmware of my RUTX09. The check says there is an update available but when trying to do the update it just gets stuck at the "downloading" screen and does not change from 0% complete. I have been having issues with trying to read messages where my modem will crash whenever i try and thought updating the modem firmware might resolve the issue although there are never any release notes for the modem firmware to confirm and even the modem manufacturer's website does not provide firmware or release note for general download. And just to be clear this is for MODEM firmware NOT router firmware. Is there a download link for the modem firmware so i can update from file rather than from the server as the issue seems to be downloading from the update server.

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by anonymous


There is a bug with the Modem FW upgrade feature. It is already known and a fix will be available with the next router FW release.

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by anonymous

We have released a new RUTX_R_00.02.03.1 firmware version. The issue with the modem FW update feature is fixed in that software.

You can download that software from our Wiki website, or through the router itself.