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(Edited: this message originally had two separate issues, but one of them was my own misconfiguration, and has been edited down to one.)

I'm using RUTX09 with a single 4G SIM in bridged mode. I can no longer connect to RUTX09 if I set a static IP address on a computer. My LAN IP address space is, so before activating bridged mode, I set RUTX09 to use instead, which worked. After activating the bridge, there's a strange issue: if I set a laptop (a MacBook Pro in this case) to ANY 192.168.2.x address manually, I get a complaint about that address already being in use, no matter what .x is. Pinging doesn't work either. .2.1 is the only active address in the .2.x space.

The RUTX09 is running the latest-as-of-this-writing firmware (RUTX_R_00.02.01.1 dated 2020.01.15).

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Could you elaborate where are you using IP if you are setting Bridge mode and receive static IP straight from provider?

And is there a reason why you set yours router on another subnet "" instead of IP in same subnet as yours PC e.g.