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I use the RUTX09 in Bridge mode connected via LAN1 to a Router. LTE is used as a backup.

Now, I want to be able to acess the RUTX09 settings and status page. So, I thougt, I create an port based VLAN on LAN2, create a new LAN with a custom MAC (because using the same mac on a routers WAN and LAN is not good) using DHCP client, bind this lan to the new VLAN, then connect LAN2 of the RUTX09 to the LAN of my switch. Also, I planned to insert a second SIM and use this for sending SMS via the api of the RUTX09 (using this second VLAN).

Now, what happens is that the second lan is not manageable using the GUI after setting up the custom MAC (I have posted this already in a another thread), this is not a problem, but my router which is connected to LAN1 of the RUTX09 suddenly gets an IP adress from the LAN range of my local network.

Is this configuration impossible?

The manual tells, that after using the bridge mode, some or many features of the router will be not available any more, but not, what happens exactly. Also I would not expect, that if I create a Port based vlan on only one port (all other networks are off for this VLAN) that this will have an influence on other VLANs or any WAN.

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Could you provide topology of yours solution? Is RUTX09 is your main router or backup one, and how many other devices and how they are connected to each other?

As for Bridge mode, it disables all routing capabilities of a router, so it becomes "transparent" device it simply transfers connection to set device. But it works only on mobile interface. so if it is connected through wired WAN it won't act as a Bridge device.

Hello VidasKac,

Thank you for your answer. Below my comments:

I have a main router with 4 Wan ports, one dsl, one cable, and previously using usb an LTE stick. The LTE is used as a backup in case of failure.

Now the LTE stick died, and I decided to get a replacement, so I bought the RuxX09. I have currently one SIM of german telekom inside. German Telekom allows you to select an APN where you get a Public IP Address (not natted), so I am even able to run Services like microsoft exchange  over LTE using dynamic DNS.

If the Rutx09 is set to bridge mode I have the Public IP on my main routers WAN port. Works good (and fast). However, since the Rutx09 allows sending SMS using a simple API I thought I use that for a service which sends a second authentication using SMS. But for this I need access to the Rutx09 Web interface.

My first thought was:

Set port 1 on the Rutx09 to Vlan1, connect it to my routers wan

set port 2 on the Rutx09 to VLAN2, give the Rutx09 a new MAC on this Interface, connect this to a VlanTagged port on my internal switch, and assign the rut09 an IP using dhcp. Then, I thought I can access the SMS service of the router from my network. But this does not work (the problems which occur I already wrote in the first post).

I have now accomplished this task differently:

Bridge mode on, and set the Rutx09 to a static IP, connected one lan port of Rutx09 to wan3 of my router, and set the Bride mode copy send all traffic to the MAC of wan3 of my router. Connected another lan of Rux09 to wan4 of my router and set the WAN4 ip of the router to Now I can speak to the Webservice of Rutx09. However, at the cost of losing one WAN port - which I might need. If there would be another solution without sacrificing a precious wan, that would be better.

If not, well, then ok, but I am still wondering whats happening on the Rutx09 (on my first try), when creating a layer2 Vlan where no connection should be possible between two ports but the 1st ports gets assinged an IP by of my internal networks DHCP server.

Also, If I insert a second SIM, can I use this normal and still use bridge mode for the 1st SIM?

I hope I explained it now so you able to understand?

best regards



It now works with a single wan. I did setup WAN3 for DHCP (receiving the packets from LTE via bridge), and also setup a new virtual wan on the same WAN3 port using the static IP of the Rutx09. So, no WAN port wasted. Kind of solved this problem. Unknown the question if I can use a second sim in non bridged mode, and if Bridge mode is used, if  a Layer2 vlan or Tag based Vlan will still work if bridge mode is used.

Glad to hear that yours main problem is solved, I will try to look into how and why you were getting assigned that IP from yours main network, but not promising anything as of now since first I'll have to try and replicate the problem if it will be possible.

For yours second part of a question. Since RUTX09 has a single module, only one Sim Card is active at same time, so if SIM1 is used for mobile connection, you will not be able to do anything with SIM2 at same time.