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I am asking for information on how communication with the RS232 port is carried out via the LTE network. We are currently using the RS232_TCIP converter type ADA-13110, where communication takes place from the level of the virtual serial port driver in Windows. Product link: https://cel-mar.pl/ethernet_rs232_m13110.htm

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Hello, Christopher!

You could read about "Over IP" mode in this article:


If you have additional questions, write here.

Regards, Aliaksandr!


I am from Poland. Can we talk in Polish?


I am currently using the solution shown in the picture above. Functioning in modes: virtual serial port, serial bridge TCP, serial bridge UDP. I am interested how woks mode: "Server - the device waits for incoming connection". What software is the client of connection? Can I use the software HW VSP3 HW group s. r. o. as a virtual serial port?