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I have 800 RUT240 model Teltonika. 137 of them have been registered to the RMS system. The devices sometimes appear in the devices map section on the system and sometimes they are not. What could be the reason for this? What should I do to make it appear constantly?

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Hello Ridvan,

As RUT240 doesn't have a GPS service, device location can be displayed on a map in two ways:

  1. Assign a static location for specific device using "Tag position" functionality in Management->Overview->Device details->Location. This function will always display the same physical location of device.
  2. Enable GPS monitoring in Management->Overview->Monitoring, using this function device approximate location will be shown(radius around the connected cell tower). This function updates device's location only once a day and will not display even approximate location if connected cell tower is not listed in RMS database of cell towers that's why location will not always be shown.
To get the most accurate GPS information it's needed to use RUT devices which support GPS functionality such as RUT955, RUT850, RUTX09 and RUTX11.
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Dear Martynas,

Thanks for your comments and help.