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I want to use my RTU 955 router as a slave with the modbus TCP / IP protocol and I want the RUT955 to send it to another device, knowing that the other device is a master, and I don't know where I can put the IP address of the master. ??

I found that on the manual the register address of the "System uptime" is "1" (32 bit unsigned integer) but I see it on another device with the modbus address with 40003.

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There's no such field to specify Modbus master's IP address to send modbus data to it, Modbus protocol works in a way that master must send request for the information first and then slave responds.

In this case if you want to get RUT955 modbus slave data remotely you need to useRUT955 WAN IP, port 502 and enable "Allow Remote Access" in your RUT955 modbus configuration.

Regarding the register numbers check our wiki page where all values and register addresses are listed: