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My RUT950 is always in Mobile Data Disconnected. All the other network settings look good, I have tried every possible combination of APN, when I put the same SIM in a regular mobile it works fine, I am on the latest firmware. I have generated a trouble shooting file if that helps.

What else can I do?

Device info:

Serial number 08018811
Product code RUT9507O1290
Batch number 0023
Hardware revision 0101
IMEI 866582020099040
IMSI 505013526964725
Ethernet LAN MAC address 00:1E:42:14:F0:FC
Ethernet WAN MAC address 00:1E:42:14:F0:FD
Wireless MAC address 00:1E:42:14:F0:FE
Model ME906s-158
FW version 11.617.14.00.302

2 Answers

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Can you try resetting device to default settings by pressing reset button for 5seconds. After reset double check if both LTE antennas are attached, also make sure device is using correct APN. If APN is set correctly but router would not get IP address and access to the internet, please download troubleshoot file (System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot) and PM it to me.

Also, strongly recommend trying SIM card on the another device such as smartphone or another router to see if it works on other device.

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I have the same issue. I was trying everything - restart device, reset to factory defaults.

What I found and what works for me, is that after the router boots up, the modem reboot helps to connect.  (Status>Network>Reboot modem).

Maybe anyone can type a CLI commands, that this button (Reboot modem) calls? It is possible to automate modem reboot if no connection is available.

My problem is on RUTX09 upd to FW RUTX_R_00.02.04.3

I have: reset modem,  restarted modem from : status>Network>Mobile>Restart Modem: same problems, not start data connection