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by anonymous


I am having some issues with updating through RMS a couple of RUT240 devices (approx. 10pcs):

I update the RUT240 from  R_00.01.1.10 to R_00.01.11.3

1. Firmware update is failed, after a retry some works (only 3 pcs out of 15pcs), after 10min wait another 5pcs are willing to upgrade the firmware. the connection is good with 4g.

2. After upgrading to 1.11.3 the connection is average/weak and only 3G. When I reboot it works again with 4G. on one device I logged in to the GUI and only reboot the modem, this also solves the connection issue. 
2pcs where not able to reconnect and I will check if ping-reboot will kick or that I must send a SMS reboot command to get the two devices working again. I wonder if more people noticed this strange behaviour of bad/weak connection after a firmware update?


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by anonymous


I would like to know what is the RSRP value of the said RUT240. Maybe this RUT240 is having weak signal coverage from the ISP. Also where are the said device located?? What ISP are you using? Have you tried using the Force LTE settings of the device? You can find it on the Network > Mobile tab of the Web UI.Also make sure that both mobile antenna is connected to the RUT240 device. If problem still persist could you send me via pm the  troubleshoot file of 2 devices that is having this issue? 

Also i would like to recommend the use of the latest firmware:

Hope it helps.


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